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Nancy Rainville

Loving flowers and gardening, I enjoy drawing and painting subjects that are found around and near my home in northwest Wisconsin.  I am amazed and inspired by delicate or interesting shapes, soft petals, and the beautiful colors of nature.  Whether it's something I've planted or those lovely wild things, there is always something that pulls me to it on my walks around the yard or down the long wooded gravel road.  The list of subjects to paint is endless and changes with each season. 

I received my certificates from the Minnesota School of Botanical Art in 2009 and am a member of the Great River Chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Cable Hayward Area Arts Council, and the Chequamegon Bay Arts Council. 
My work has been exhibited at the Landscape Arboretum, the Bakken Institute, and several art centers in Minnesota; at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson and galleries in northwest Wisconsin; at Filoli Center in California; and at the Royal Horticultural Society in London, England where I received a silver medal at the 2012 Malvern Show.  Having my work exhibited at these shows and venues has been very exciting and a great honor for me. 
I strive to portray the beauty I see in nature and hope you will see the beauty all around you too.

Shinleaf Pyrola
Pyrola elliptica
  watercolor on paper

Wild Oat
Uvularia sessilifolia
  watercolor on paper

Wild Calla Lilly
Calla palustris
watercolor on paper

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